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Breakaway Music Festivals


The Breakaway Music Festivals are a series of 4 (as of 2019) festivals across 4 cities in the eastern US. They feature pop and hip-hop artists as well as DJs at the main stage and Silent Discos. The two-night events bring anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 people a night.

Zero Waste Event Productions began our partnership with Breakaway Music Festival in 2018 with the Grand Rapids, Michigan and Nashville events. In 2019 we picked up Breakaway North Carolina. During this time, we’ve been able to divert over 11,000 lbs of material from the landfill.

Our Work

Set up: Our team sets out accessible and aesthetically pleasing recycling and landfill bins across the festival grounds, including VIP, backstage, and production areas.

 Recycling:  Our team pairs recycling bins with every trash bin to make sure attendees always have the option to recycle. We have worked with the organizers to ensure that most beverages are sold in recyclable containers.

Attendees of Breakaway Festivals are very responsive to the presence of recycling bins. Raised on a culture of recycling in school and other public places, we find that attendees consistently fill bins with clean cans and water bottles!

Sorting: At our sorting station, we double-check every bin to make sure the contamination rate is low enough that all recycling will be accepted by local recycling facilities.

Waste Reduction & Reuse: Organizers have gone above and beyond for waste reduction by providing water refill stations. This not only keeps attendees hydrated on hot summer nights, but also reduces the number of single-use plastic water bottles used at the event.

Our team works hard to divert textiles from the landfill at Breakaway Events. If discarded clothing items are not able to be returned to their original owners through lost and found avenues, then we wash and donate those t-shirts, sweatshirts, bandanas, and hats to local thrift stores and charities.

Clean Grounds: Our team makes sure to give attendees a clean experience by litter-sweeping festival grounds during the event and resetting the scene at the end of each night.

Breakaway Michigan Logo 2019 logos, Purple with Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and Tennessee event dates

Project Details


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Project Gallery

Photo of young festival attendees recycling in clear stream bin. Large Recycling sign takes up the center of the scene. Breakaway Michigan stage in the background.
A photo of the field in front of the Breakaway Michigan stage. It is night, the field has been cleaned after the event. There are two full black trash bags in the foreground
A photo of clear bags full of aluminum cans are stacked to create a pyramid

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