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What We Do

Zero Waste Event Productions provides full service waste management system for festivals and events seeking to decrease the amount of waste being sent to the landfill. We work with each event from the planning phase through cleanup! Providing pre-event consultations, on-site waste management, materials sorting, and grounds cleanup, our service is start to finish!

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Our Services

Equipment and Supplies

We provide all the bins, signage, equipment and supplies to manage events of all sizes.

Our bins are highly visible, well labeled, and weatherproof. By providing each event with uniform bins with clear signage, our system stays organized and looks good!

We also bring along our custom sorting equipment, including a portable conveyor-belt and other specially designed tools that speed up our process and add an element of visibility and education to the work we do!


A Zero Waste Effort is so much more than waste management!

To reach a 90% diversion rate festivals and events must think about what materials are being generated and what needs to be done to minimize true trash (like styrofoam and unrecyclable plastics). By discussing tactics for waste diversion with organizers before an event, we are able to limit what is generated in the first place; increasing waste diversion and decreasing the event’s environmental footprint.

Through consultation, we help festivals and events take steps each year to improve their system and work toward achieving the Zero Waste Status. These steps may be small at first, such as offering recycling receptacles and advertising zero waste policies or they could be larger initiatives, like having all food vendors switch to using compostable serviceware, or distributing only reusable cups in the beer garden. No matter what the goal, we are here to help you reach it!

Sorting and Diversion

We want everyone to know about your mission to go zero waste!

We work inside festival grounds to maximize visibility. Throughout the event, we are cleaning grounds, changing bags, sorting material, and talking to attendees and campers about the work being done and the effort to strive for the Zero Waste Status.

When attendees see the hard work our staff and volunteers are putting in to making sure the grounds are clean and waste is properly sorted, they become actively engaged in the mission and do their part to help. Attendees pay more attention to cleaning up after themselves, using the right bins when discarding items, and are cheered up by knowing that your event is doing everything possible to minimize waste and properly dispose of all material generated.

Education and Awareness

We want everyone to know about your mission to go zero waste!

We work inside the festival grounds to maximize visibility. Throughout the event, we are sorting waste, checking bags, and talking to campers and attendees about zero waste.

When attendees see the hard work Zero Waste staff and volunteers are putting into to making sure the ground is clean, and waste is sorted perfectly, they become actively engaged in the mission. Campgrounds become cleaner, attendees sort their waste, and attendees are cheered up by knowing your event is doing everything it can to minimize waste.

Grounds Cleanup

We are on site throughout each event, making it our priority to keep grounds free of litter, to empty bins as needed, and to properly manage all material generated.

Zero Waste Event Productions sweeps grounds and stage areas as needed to ensure that the site stays clean and comfortable for attendees. All bins are monitored and bags changed throughout the event to ensure no bin overflows.

At the end of the event, our team sticks around to perform a thorough litter sweep, collecting any trash or debris left over from the event and bring the venue up to a standard that will satisfy the owners.

Volunteer Management

Zero waste is a great volunteer opportunity!

We’ve worked with hundreds of volunteers over the years, and they will tell you that working with us is one of the best volunteer positions at a festival. Not only is the work meaningful, but it’s fast-paced, engaging, and fun! We have a great volunteer retention rate, and volunteers actively look for ways to get involved further in our efforts by talking to their friends about zero waste, helping clean up their campsites and festival grounds, and even dropping by our tent outside their shifts to lend a hand.

We always have a dedicated staff helping to answer questions, direct teams of volunteers, and oversee all zero waste operations. We work closely with festival volunteer coordinators to recruit volunteers and keep track of the time they commit.


We make it easy to share the success of your event's waste reduction efforts by providing accurate weights and statistics.

From the start of the festival to the end, we keep track of every bag of recycling, compost, and true trash sorted within the festival grounds. We weigh all sorted material and use this information to produce an infographic report which highlights the efforts made to reduce waste and makes suggestions for how each event can reach further toward their goal of achieving a Zero Waste Status.

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