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Zero Waste Event Productions LLC is the leading recycling, composting, and waste management provider for outdoor festivals and events. Our team provides the experience, equipment, and dedication to service that will leave you with a clean, comfortable venue from start to finish—and a lower environmental impact!

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Zero Waste Event Productions has used our time off from events to start producing face shields for our local community! Learn more about our project here.

What We Do

Waste Management

We supply everything your festival needs to manage material from start to finish, including bins, signage, equipment and supplies.

With enough collection stations to service events of all sizes, we ensure a bin will never be out of reach for your attendees.

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Sorting and Diversion

Using customized conveyor belts, we sort all waste to ensure compost and recycling streams are clean and as much material is diverted from the landfill as possible.

We build relationships with recycling and compost facilities in your area and can arrange hauling services to fit the needs of your event.

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Grounds Cleanup

We remain on site and actively manage waste collection throughout the event, keeping grounds litter-free and changing bags to ensure no bin overflows.

Our service is start-to-finish—we’re there during set up, throughout the event, and stay to make sure the venue is clean after the festival ends.

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Our Project

Current Partners

Zero Waste Event Productions LLC currently serves more than 30 festival and events taking place around the mid-western United States each year. Organizers continue to stick with our service because we bring knowledge, experience, and passion for waste reduction to every job we work.

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Working Together Toward Zero Waste

Together, we can strive to divert more than 90% of waste from the landfill. Telling us about your event is the first step in helping you reach zero waste!